Crespo admitted that at the peak of his career he took part in many orgies

Former Argentine striker Hernan Crespo has admitted to having “many orgies with women” in his career, but says that all changed when he met his current wife.

In a live interview on Argentine television, he said:

“It was a life experience. famous, young … You do everything … Testing … use … I haven’t missed anything”

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Crespo, 45, was asked who had more men or women involved in his group sex sessions.

“Always more women!”

At the same time, Crespo admitted that he lived most of his career without a serious relationship – until he met his wife.

“I made my football debut at 18 and before I met my wife at 27 I never showed up with a girl at home. I was always single until this age.

He met his wife, Alessia Rossi, Andra Crespo in 2002 while playing for Inter Milan. She helped him turn his back on his crazy ways.