50. Maria: This label of Latin beginnings is very well-known in Ukraine, and suggests ‘of the ocean, or sour’.

51. Marta: With Roman and Hebrew origins, this lovely label suggests ‘the lady’.

52. Milena: Of Slavic roots, indicating ‘gracious’ or ‘dear’.

53. Natalka: The Ukrainian as a type of Natalie, in accordance with Latin beginnings – this term suggests ‘the delivery day of god’.

54. Nikolina: This label indicates ‘victorious men’.

55. Nyura: A Ukrainian label definition elegant, also put mostly in Russian community. Pronounced ‘ny-ura’.

56. Olga: A popular name in Ukraine based on Scandinavia, indicating ‘blessed’.

57. Polina: popular in Ukrainian, Russian, Greek, and Polish traditions, this label indicates ‘humble’ or ‘little stone’.

58. Ruslana: This Slavic female offered label ways ‘lion’.

59. Sofia: Based on the Greek title Sophia, this identity means ‘wisdom’.

60. Solomia: At first produced by Greek, the Ukrainian label means ‘peace’.

61. Veronika: The Ukrainian kind of Veronica, this means ‘to push victory’.

62. Vesna: produced by title of an ancient Slavic goddess, it indicates ‘Spring’.

63. Viktoria: This popular name implies ‘victory’.

64. Yana: With Ukrainian and Russian origins, this title means ‘gift of goodness’.

65. Yaryna: a pleasant Ukrainian feminine name meaning ‘peaceful’. Pronounced ‘yah-rih-nah’.

66. Yeva: The Ukrainian as a type of the name Eve, it indicates ‘to breathe’. Really pronounced ‘yeh-vah’.

67. Yulia: A form of the name Julia, it indicates ‘youthful’.

68. Xristina: with exclusive Greek roots, this label indicates ‘a follower of Christ’.

69. Zoryana: a pleasant and unique identity definition ‘break of beginning’ or ‘star’.

70. Zhadana: a pleasant label it means ‘desirable’.

Ukrainian Girl Brands Which Are Desirable Abroad. Check some beautiful Ukrainian girls brands!

There are plenty of feminine Ukrainian labels being preferred both around, and throughout the remaining portion of the business. So, whether you are from Ukraine or maybe just love their unique brands – this is basically the checklist individually.

71. Aleksandra: A Ukrainian kind of the name Alexandra, it indicates ‘defender of man’.

72. Alina: Of Slavic beginnings, the name Alina means ‘bright’, or ‘beautiful’.

73. Dasha: This name is in addition widely used as a Russian nickname, it indicates ‘gift of Jesus’.

74. Elena: an attractive feminine identity meaning ‘bright’ or ‘shining light’.

75. Ekaterina: first of Russian lineage, this popular term suggests ‘pure’.

76. Ionna: In Ukrainian heritage, this name implies ‘goodness’s gifts’.

77. Irina: an attractive title based on Greek, it means ‘peace’.

78. Ivanna: A name well-known amongst Ukrainian and Russian family members, it indicates ‘goodness are gracious’.

79. Katya: Commonly used in Slavic region, this term ways ‘pure’.

80. Lera: a type of title Valeria, this one implies ‘strength’ or ‘health’.

81. Lilya: an attractive name meaning the rose ‘lily’ – together with Ukrainian kind of title Lily.

82. Mila: This preferred Slavic label implies ‘dear’, or ‘gracious’.

83. Nastya: a difference from the term Anastasia, this label possess Greek roots and implies ‘resurrection. Pronounced ‘na-styuh’.

84. Natali: usually provided to those born on Christmas time, additionally, it suggests ‘Christmas’.

85. Sasha: a substantial term meaning ‘defender of man’.

86. Stefania: frequent among Slavic countries, this name is based on Greek and suggests ‘crowned’.

87. Taisiya: A Ukrainian and Russian type the name of Saint Thais. Pronounced ‘tuh-ee-sih-yuh’.

88. Ulyana: desirable amongst many Slavic countries, this title ways ‘youthful’.

89. Valentyna: a type of the name Valentina, this means ‘strong’.

90. Valeriya: a gorgeous name definition ‘to getting healthy’, or ‘to getting powerful’.

91. Zoya: a female Ukrainian and Russian name definition ‘life’.

Brands Of Known Women In Ukraine

Numerous moms and dads decide to base their children’s brands after stars which they lookup to, and fortunately these adorable Ukrainian female labels all suit that number!

92. Alyona: mothers may choose to list their own young girl following the Ukrainian football athlete Alyona Bondarenko – the name indicating ‘light’. Its pronounced ‘uhl-yoo-nuh’.

93. Galina: Popular Ukrainian figure skater Galina Efremenko may give you some identity inspiration. Title indicates ‘calm’.

94. Golda: Golda Meir grew up in Ukraine and proceeded becoming prime minister in Israel – a good elegant figure. The girl term indicates ‘gold’.

95. Inessa: Inessa Kravets was a Ukrainian Olympic sportsman, the lady term ways ‘chaste’.

96. Karina: A Ukrainian produced dancer, Karina Smirnoff’s identity means ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’.

97. Ludmila: Ludmila Gurchenko got a favorite actress. Her title implies ‘loved because of the someone’. Its pronounced ‘lood-mi-luh’.

98. Mila: you might be surprised to learn that popular ‘American’ actress Mila Kunis is truly from Ukraine. Their title implies ‘dear’.

99. Milla: unit, performer, actress, and clothier – the Ukrainian-born Milla Jovovich’s name means ‘gracious’.

100. Ulyana: hookupapp.org/flirtymature-review Famous dancer Ulyana Lopatkina provides an attractive label, indicating ‘youthful’. It really is pronounced ‘oo-lee-a-nuh’.